A Feather Touch

They swept the frozen surface
Again and again.
Shouts rang out
Across the white expanse.

It slid towards them with
Unstoppable force: a rock thrown
With a feather touch.

Plaster Faces

The candles flickered in the gloom.
She came here often.
The clink of a coin in the metal box
Echoed loudly. The plaster faces
Looked at her with compassion
As she sat on the hard wooden bench.

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Kwe' aq pjila'si, I am Vice Principal - Aboriginal Education for Surrey School district in BC, Canada. (Formerly a coordinator of Library and Information Services for SD38) I teach a Library Administration course and an Aboriginal Issues course for UBC and have a Masters in Educational Technology and Learning Design. I am also proud to claim my Mi'kmaq heritage. Wela'lioq for visiting.